8 Keys to Inclusion

Design a play space to gather and engage people of all ages and abilities, using 8 principles of inclusive play that have the biggest impact.

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How Rope Play Adds to the Inclusive Experience

Net structures, or rope play equipment, only serve to enhance the play experience for children, whether at an accessible or inclusive playground. The unique free play and net climbing configurations challenge a child’s motor skills, increase their self-confidence, stimulate imaginative play and improve muscle development and balancing skills.

Play is for everyone

It’s not just about people with disabilities…it’s about everyone enjoying and sharing in the holistic benefits of play:

  • Physical

  • Sensory

  • Social

Inclusion is more than access

It’s about being a part of something. Inclusion is about the family of a child with a disability, the typically developing child, and the parent or grandparent with a disability taking a child to the playground.

Inclusion is about making a difference in the lives of others — because it’s the right thing to do.


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